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Take your love of gaming into our new laser tag arena and get your heart pounding as you run through the blacklight battleground brought to you by Delta Strike, the leader in the laser tag equipment industry. 

In addition to scoring points for yourself or team by tagging your opponent, there are special power-up stations to interact with that give you extra shields or the rapid fire ability to enhance your game. Each player can choose their own weapon settings as well as change them throughout the game. 

Since there are different ways to play the game;  one team v.  another, multiple teams v. each other or everyone for themselves,  each time will be an exciting and new gaming experience.  You’ll also end with  bragging rights if your team or yourself is the winner.  Aside from just winning the game, there are also other achievements that our system records for players to see at the end of the game.


                        Enter the arena and let the laser tag battle begin!

**Players must be at least 5 years old and 38 inches tall to participate**

$9 per person per game

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